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Jürgen Brandt
Confused UfoA 3x3x3 truncated in different ways.
DrakenA four times truncated pyraminx.
Edges Only CubeA 3x3x3 with the corners made invisible.

Face-turning icosahedronThe first known face-turning icosahedron. The first version was made in 2003 completely made by hand and from scratch.
KnuffyA Pyraminx truncated into the shape of a concave tetrapod-like shape.
Lighthouse CubeA Pyraminx truncated into the shape of what could have been a pyramid with hexagonal base.

Master CuboctahedronA custom-built 4x4x4 modification.
Megaminx BallA heavily truncated megaminx.
Megaminx CubeA heavily truncated megaminx. Nowadays this shape transformation resembles the hexaminx or the Icositetranova.

Megaminx SphereMegaminx in shape of a sphere
MegaminxdiikosaederThe predecessor of the Octahinx. A megaminx regularly truncated on eight corners.
Professor CuboctahedronA 5x5x5 truncated into a cuboctahedron.

Puzzles by Jürgen BrandtSelf-produced video. Transferred to DVD by Geert Hellings.
Pyraminx with hexagonsA Pyraminx truncated into an unnamed shape which shows several hexagons.
PyricosaminxA Pyraminx truncated into the shape of an icosahedron.

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