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The predecessor of the Octahinx. A megaminx regularly truncated on eight corners.

This puzzle has the same shape as the icosharon although it was made far earlier. Like its cousin it has 20 sides and 12 corners while the megaminx has 12 sides and 20 corners.
The octahedral case in which it is shown here demonstrates that the creator even saw the possibility to make a octahedron by extending the remaining faces. In a video of him, Jürgen explains he does not want to built such an octahedron. Therefore it was up to a later creator to present the first Octahinx.
But this creation had another side effect. It inspired Jürgen Brandt to create an almost-cubic megaminx, called Megaminx-Cube. From there it would have been a seemingly small step to the hexaminx but that was up to another inventor as well.



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