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Other Puzzles: Electronic
Rubik's Futuro CubeAn electronic device with a 3x3 array of lights on each side. It allows you to play many games, including two permutation puzzles.
Rubik's RevolutionAn electronic-based multi-game-object which looks like the puzzle that started it all.
Rubik's Revolution MiniThe smaller version of Rubiks Revolution. Comes with a keychain.

Rubik's SlideTwist and slide the top face of the cube to move the lights until you reach the solution.
Rubik's SparkA 3x3x3 with six electronic games controlled by accelerometers which detect tilts and turns.
Rubik's Touch CubeAn electronic Rubiks Cube completely playable.

The Bit BoxA electronic 3x3x3, custom made after nine years and four prototypes.

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