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Nothing special, just some common cubes and 2 handmade puzzles created by David Calzone and Kelvin Stott :D

2x2x2 Cube Quantity: 1 East Sheen
Square-1 Quantity: 1 Mass-produced cube


3x3x3 Cube Quantity: 4 2 Rubik's Cubes, 1 Keychain Cube and 1 Dayan Guhong.
Bandaged Cube Quantity: 1 Handmade cube. Thank to Andrei Prakurat :D
Latch Cube Quantity: 1 Chronos

Qubami Quantity: 1 Handmade cube. Thank to Kelvin Stott :D
Void Cube Quantity: 1 Gentosha


4x4x4 Cube Quantity: 2 1 Rubik's Revenge and 1 East Sheen


5x5x5 Cube Quantity: 1 Rubik's Professor Cube


Gear Cube Quantity: 1 Meffert's
Gear Cube Extreme Quantity: 1 Meffert's
Holey Pillowed Skewb Quantity: 1 Meffert's

Master Skewb Quantity: 1 LanLan
Skewb Quantity: 1 Meffert's


Axis Cube Quantity: 1 White handmade cube. Thank to David Calzone :D
Fisher's Cube Quantity: 1 YJ Square King
Golden Cube Quantity: 2 Meffert's, 1 normal and 1 signed by Tony Fisher and Uwe Meffert :D

Mirror Block Quantity: 1 Rubik's


3x3x4 Quantity: 1 Cube4you


Megaminx Quantity: 1 Meffert's, tiled version
Skewb Ultimate Quantity: 1 Meffert's


Pillowed Mastermorphix Quantity: 1 LanLan

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