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Quantity: 1


Rubik's Cube (OddzOn) Quantity: 2 Official Rubik's Cubes manufactured in the 1990's and 2000's
Rubik's Cube - Rubik's Studio Edition Quantity: 1 Rubik Studio edition from Hungary.
Rubik's Cube Key Chain (Milton Bradley) Quantity: 1 The 2002 Milton Bradley version.

White Cube (aka: American Cube) Quantity: 1 Exactly like a standard Rubik's Cube, except the plastic is white.


Maze Cube (3x3x3) Quantity: 1 A 3x3x3 custom sticker variation, filled with mathematical considerations, which shows a single closed loop line on it.


Rubik's Revenge (Seven Towns) Quantity: 1 2000 Edition from Seven towns.


5x5x5 Magic Puzzle Quantity: 1 East Sheen's 2002 5x5x5 cube.


Skewb (aka: Pyraminx Cube) Quantity: 1 The skewb is a very solid and satisfying puzzle to play with.


Cube 21 - Original Edition Quantity: 1 European version of the Square-1.
Cube 21 - Silver Edition Quantity: 1 This Cube 21 only has 2 colors, one of which is always silver. The second colour can be any of the other five Original Edition colours: blue, orange, green, yellow, red.


2x2x3 (aka: Slim Tower) Quantity: 1 A formerly custom now mass produced 2x2x3 cuboid, commonly known as the "Slim Tower"
Rubik's Domino (transparent dome) Quantity: 1 The 1982 Politoys version with a spindle mechanism.


IQ 139 Puck Quantity: 1 One of the numerous sticker/colour variations of the hockey puck puzzle.


Fused 2x2x2 Quantity: 4


Rubik's Magic (OddzOn) Quantity: 1 The 1997 red OddzOn version.
Rubik's Snake Keychain Quantity: 1 The 1998 OddzOn version.

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