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Valknut Octahedron
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A face turning octahedron with 5 layers, very close to the Master Rex Cube.

The name of the Valknut Octahedron comes from its similarity in aesthetics with the valknut. This is a viking symbol consisting of three interlocked triangles. See image 5.
This is the first face turning octahedron to have two layers per turning axis that none of them surpase the centers of the adjacent faces (non deep cuts).
With these characteristics, it could be understood as the true Master FTO, as the prefix "Master" is used in puzzles such as Master Compy Cube, Master Curvy Copter, Master Face Turning Rhombic Dodecahedron, Master Rua, Master Tetrahedron or Master Rex Cube, among others. The Valknut can also be understood as a 5 layer FTO, so maybe the master prefix would not be correct in this case, and "Royal" or "Professor" would have to be used. However, the Royal Octahedron already exists, being a 5-layer FTO too, but in this case the two layers per axis of rotation that it has, are, one superficial and the other deep, something similar to the Master FTO.
As a curiosity, the Valknut would be to the Royal Octahedron what an FTO would be to the Master Skewb Diamond
The Valknut already existed in cubic form, since it is the same puzzle as the Master Rex Cube, although in that there are 6 pieces in each corner that are hidden, while in the Valknut they are visible, like the 6 pieces centrals of each face of the octahedron.
The inventor uses the pseudonym "El Cubitero".
Printed in PETG plastic with an Ender 3
Edge length: 85 mm
Weight: 208 grams



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