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Aurora Octahedron
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The Aurora Cube transformed into the shape of an octahedron.

The Aurora Octahedron is an octahedral variant of the Aurora Cube, designed by Diogo Sousa. Please refer to the separate entry. It has the geometry of a face-turning deltoidal icositetrahedron, which can be also found on Celtic Cube, Deranged Dark Matter and Rhombdo Copter (Plus).
The inventor planned to print an unbandaged version. However, several types of pieces were too small to be printed properly in the current design. In order not to waste pieces that were already printed, he decided to finish this regular version instead.
An interesting fact is that the face pattern of the Aurora Octahedron is similar to that of the Helicoptrahedron, the tetrahedral variant of the Curvy Copter. The intrinsic reason for this similarity is that rhombic dodecahedron could be understood as a "deltoidal dodecahedron" in tetrahedral symmetry.
Edge length: 75 mm
Weight: 127.5 grams



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