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Skewby Duo
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The face pattern of Rob's Tetrahedron (Pyraminx Duo) applied to a hexahedron, and named to evoke childhood memories.

The Skewby Duo is a simple corner-turning hexahedron puzzle inspired by the face pattern of Rob's Pyraminx (aka Pyraminx Duo) and the related puzzles Rob's Octahedron (Pyraminx Diamond) and Rob's Icosahedron. Another source of inspiration was the Super Six Spot Cube (by David Pitcher) and its second diagonal line in stickers rather than as a cut.

It is intended to be a casual puzzle for friends who have already mastered Rob's Pyraminx and the Dino Cube but are not yet ready for a Skewb. The solve strategy is based on that for the Rex Cube: solve the Dino edges then solve the Skewb centres.

The Skewby Duo is in effect a Rex Cube without offset face petals. The modification removes the petals and related supporting pieces, then uses plastic sheets to extend the edge pieces over the gap created. If the inventor had had better facilities he would have straightened the sides of the diamond to better evoke the Skewb centre.

The centre rounded diamond piece reveals the base puzzle - a QiYi Super Ivy (or Ivy Rex). This base puzzle has a large centre face and a ball-bearing clicking mechanism that were missing in the author's earlier experiments to create this puzzle from a Rex Cube, Master Skewb and Face-turning Octahedron.

Piece signature: HC2[F3 E3][]
Edge length: 57 mm



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