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Dino Star Plus
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Fusing of a Starburst / Pyrastar and a Dino Star creates a shape variant of a Super X with enhanced instability, fully remediable with magnets.

The Dino Star Plus is a member of a family of Lim Cube puzzles based on 2x2x2 cores and/or corner turns. Already in the museum are 'BaMianTi II', ''Circle Pyramorphix', 'Circle Pyramorphix Plus' and '2x2x2 Transform Pyraminx LiuSeLingJing II'. Please refer to the separate entries.
The Dino Star Plus has the overall shape of a Starburst (from Israel Goldfarb) with the corner turns of a Dino Star (from Gabor Molnar) with additional cuts in the split curved segment pieces at the base of each tetrahedral corner. This gives it the complexity of a Super X (from Adam G. Cowan), but in a four-colour rather than six-colour scheme.

The core is the same design as for the Super X, being a basic 3x3x3 with centres and edges only acting to support the corners that each operate as an axis.
The puzzle works well as a Dino Star but 2x2x2 turns tend to result in the pairs of small segment pieces rotating slightly rather than parting and these pairs pass behind the pair of the next face, resulting in lock-up. A similar problem is reported on the original Super X and related puzzles like the Rainbow Cube Plus (2021).
Tightening the core does not help much.

However, with the careful application of coin magnets these instabilities can be fully resolved. Glue 2x4 mm N50 magnets into the moulding holes at each end of the segments with care for polarities (-ve on the left, +ve on the right) so that each pair of segments will stick together as a Dino Star piece. Glue a single larger 3x6 mm N50+ magnet within the corner pieces behind just one of the segment magnets (e.g. always the right, there is not room for two) and reassemble. This larger magnet ensures that when a 2x2x2 move is made it is the segment-to-segment bond that is broken and each piece is retained by and aligned to its respective corner. Core tension can then be loosened a little and the segments lubricated to create a snag-free puzzle.

Edge length (short side): 45 mm
Edge length (long side): 95 mm
Weight: 90 grams



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