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A derivative of instant insanity with 8 balls in a cubic configuration.

This puzzle is kind of interesting. But the stickyness of the balls and the force needed to spin some of them make the colour decals come off. Easy to cheat because of that. There are 6 colour dots on each of the 8 balls at the corners of the cube. The 6 decals are at the faces of what would be a cube if you could morph the spheres to cubes.
There are actually only 4 distinct colours. I think that if there were 6 distinct colours the puzzle would be easier to solve since only 1 orientation would make sense on each ball, but with only 4 colours there are several possible orientations to choose from and once you go to a second or third ball you usually have to backtrack. You can imagine how hard it is to get to the 8'th ball.
It's very hard to keep track of the attempts that you make so it's very hard to get to a solved position.
There are 15 official goals, such as each face must have all the same colour, or each face must have all different colours.
The leaflet contains a text in (at least): english, german, french, hungarian. The non-hungarian texts call the puzzle "Planets". The english text reads: "It is an amusing toy both for childrean and for adults. Various logical tasks can be solved by the puzzle in several ways. The aim of the play is to turn the balls in a position that the colours get into the same order on all the six sides of the cube."
The leaflet in image 13 shows a summary of the text from the first instruction, but in Russian.
Edge length: 42 mm (the frame)
Edge length: 43 mm (including balls)

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