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113+6 Geoda cube
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Hybrid puzzle combining two symmetrical curvy cuts, corner turning hexahedron with six copter cuts.

Fourth puzzle of the series that by successive unbandaging and/or combination of the pieces leads from 113+3 to 113+6 Geode cube.
In this hybrid two cuts from a corner turning hexahedron have 6 stops (60�), which allows the movement of the other cuts at any time, being able to make jumbling.
The six copter cuts only have 2 stops (180�).
The colours used in this series are inspired by colour theory, so that on one hand it represents the RGB light colours whose sum generates the white and on the other hand it represents the CMY pigment colours with black as sum.
The rest of the possible members of the series would come from debandaged both the intermediate
zone and the interchangeable parts and then exchanging parts as desired.
Made with a resin printer.
Sixth puzzle of the bedCube collection.
Edge length: 57 mm



Thank you to the following people for their assistance in helping collect the information on this page: Francisco Bedmar Alvarez.


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