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Multi Rhombic Dodecahedron
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The face turning rhombic dodecahedron that contains the pieces of all other puzzles with this axis system.

This puzzle was initially conceptualized in response to the discovery of a sequence of moves that resulted in internal bandaging on the Toru. The most obvious solution to that problem is simply to make windows to reveal those hidden pieces. However, the inventor realized the Toru is only one piece-type away from the Master Little Chop, so instead he decided to make the puzzle into a Multi Rhombic Dodecahedron.
The puzzle was pillowed for two reasons: firstly because it would have been massive otherwise, secondly because the inventor don't really like the look of straight cuts on this puzzle.
The puzzle has a simplified mechanism with 2 shells.
Unlike the other multi puzzles, a single hole in the center was not enough to reveal the internal mechanism - another hole had to be punched into the 24-cube parts. Thanks to the geometry of the pieces, it was possible to remove the entire bottom of the triangle without compromising the structural integrity of the piece, which provides a much larger viewing window.

Going by the logic used to classify normal Dodecahedra, in which a new "iteration" is defined by increasing cut depth until pieces from the previous iteration start disappearing, a "proper" family of cubic puzzles would consist of the following puzzles:
Curvy Copter => Curvy Copter II => Quad X => DeCeth => Master Little Chop => Little Chop
However, due to the way the cuts of a rhombic dodecahedron intersect, the family in its native geometry is truncated to just four members: the FTRD, the Toru, the Master Little Chop in its native dodecahedral geometry, and the Little Chop in its native geometry.
Edge length: 52 mm
Diameter (inner): 100 mm
Weight: 223 grams



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