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XOteric 2x2x2
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Looks like a Circle 2x2x2 but is a 2x2x2 with the Triwalls as additional piece types.

The inventor designed this puzzle with the goal to have deep-cut face turning cube with more than just the corners of a 2x2x2.
Triwall is one type of piece which was invented in theory in 2009 on the forum. The imaginary cube implemented this piece type for the first time. The Triwall is special among the new piece types as it is self-inverse. It is turned by three faces of the cube in an UDF pattern. In the XOteric 2x2x2 two wedges opposing each other are always connected. Each pair of wedges forms one Triwall piece. Images 3 and 4 show that 6 of the 12 Triwalls are moved by every turn.
In the first images, the green-yellow-red corner is fixed and you really can only turn the blue, purple, and orange faces. It is this fixed corner which spoils the concept of the deep-cut cube. Without that fixed corner you would get a puzzle with two independent layers but every move which includes four corners includes also 6 triwalls. Therefore it behaves restricted (which means bandaged but still doctrinaire) similar to the Fused cube which seems to have only one layers but is still a variant of the 3x3x3.
The core of this puzzle is a slice-turn-only 3x3x3. On top of that is the Enabler Cube from Oskar van Deventer. Then on top of that the circles, which contain the triwalls, are added. The "special corner" is the "enabler" cubie fused to a corner of the underlying slice-turn-only 3x3x3. See image 5 for the puzzle during assembly.
The additional coloured rings are implemented to make all wedges distinguishable.
Edge Length: 86 mm
Weight: 475 grams



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