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Clark's Cube
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A new twist to the sliding blocks theme.

At first it looks similar to Varikon or Inside Out or Alex Black Hole. On the second look one can see that the cubies can be rotated in addition to the traditional movement.

The back of the package has this text:
The puzzle consists of a clear plastic box with seven cubes inside, which form a block with one corner missing. The puzzle is solved when each side of the block is a single different color. On three sides the recessed cube must be the same color as the other three cube faces.
The puzzle is packaged in a solved configuration - simply remove the plastic clips, slide and flip the cubes to random positions and orientations, and begin solving the puzzle. TIP THE BOX to change the positions of the cubes. FLIP THE CUBES to change their orientation (The clips can be reinserted after the puzzle is solved).
To flip a cube, insert a finder in one of the finger holes and PULL GENTLY toward the outside of the box. Do not try to flip a cube by pushing on it.
There are more than 3 trillion (3,000,000,000,000) ways that the seven cubes may be positioned and oriented to form a block of cubes with one corner missing (Orientation means the ways an individual cube can be turned: red up, blue to the right, red up, yellow to the left; blue up, black to the front; etc.)
There is only ONE solution (there are 3 ways the solved block can be positioned within the box with the missing corner next to the finger holes, but they are all the same solution). The solution does not depend on luck - it requires a systematic approach - see if you can find it!
To order a solution booklet, send check or money order for $3.95 to Cube Solution, P.O. Box 53048, Palo Alto, CA (CA residents add 28 cents tax = $4.23 total).



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