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12 tiles in red and white make up a scross in a red body. No sursprise that this puzzles comes from Switzerland.

Swissmad is a puzzle with 12 square tiles arranged the shape of a cross. The tiles are contained in a flat frame which has transparent front and back plates, so that both sides of the tiles are visible. The cross has a 2 by 2 square in the centre and arms 2 tiles wide and one tile long. The two columns of the vertical arms can slide up or down one tile, independently of each other, by pushing the two parts of the transparent front plate of the puzzle up or down. Similarly, the two rows of the horizontal arms of the cross can individually slide left or right by pushing the transparent back plate sections left or right.

Each tile is red or white on the front and red or white on the back. This gives four possible tile types, and there are exactly three of each type of tile. In the standard solved position the back of the cross is half white and half red, while the front of the cross is in quarters of alternating colour.
Width: 85 mm

There also exists a rare version with four colors and a different body. It has a separate entry.
This puzzles was first presented 2004 on the design competition during IPP24.



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