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Cosmos puzzle
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A mass produced spherical Cross Cube promoting the Soccer world championships in France and South Korea.

The puzzle is a 2x2x2 sphere with 6 circles with each 4 pieces, similar to the Marusenko ball. The circle pieces can be rotated by means of the outer piece. However, this can only be done when the 4 parts of the circle are in the solved state.
When the puzzle is fully solved the outer piece (depicting the mascot in image 2) can be moved along the puzzle, across all continents, all the way from France to (South) Korea.
The puzzle was patented in 1994 and produced in 1998, the year of the World Championships soccer in France.
In 2002 these World Championships were organised together by (South) Korea and Japan.

Remarkably, only France and Korea are mentioned on the puzzle.
Perhaps this has to do with the fact that initially South Korea, Japan, and Mexico presented rival bids for hosting the World Championships 2002 and that only shortly before the final selection on 31 May 1996, Japan and South Korea agreed to unite their bids.

The puzzle exists in 2 variations: One with silvergrey colored continents and blue colored seas and another with green colored continents and white colored seas.



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