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2x2x7 (regular cubies)
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The 2x2x7 made by Tony Fisher is a late successorto his 2x2x6.

Five years after Tony Fisher made his proportional 2x2x6 he took up his old dream of making a 2x2x5. But after he started building he realized he could actually make a 2x2x7 and so he did.
Tony left this puzzle as one-of-a-kind and never sold it. He made it with a 4x4x4 as base.
From the previous 4x4x6 moulds all the copies were made and then bandaged into the 2x2x6. After that, just like Geert Helling's method (for the 2x2x6), the centres got round shape, where two additional layers can be glued to, and the same way as with 2x2x6, everything was expanded and got proportional in cubies. Every piece had to be done very precisely otherwise they would have popped with ease.
There is an issue where during a turn of ca. 30 degrees layers 2 and 6 can slide off. Tony Fisher got that by adding ball bearings which substitute magnets and function the same way. To sum up, the 2x2x7 mod is like a 2x2x6 or 2x2x8, etc, cuboids build from a mass produced 2x2x4 but with added magnets to prevent the layers to fall out. This technique was, in fact, then used in Gregoire Pfennig's 1x2x111.

In 2018 a mass produced version hit the market, including a limited version with purple body. Just like in Tony Fisher's version, layers 2 and 6 do not go far enough to prevent them from falling out. In this case friction is used, because of that they do not come off so easily which makes the normal turning stiffer.
Please refer to images 4-8.
Size: 51 x 51 x 179 mm
Weight: ca. 250 grams



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