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Cube 3-compound
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A hybrid puzzle which combines two axis systems and has a perfectly fitting shape.

This puzzle was inspired by the shape which the puzzle ultimately became. The shape is called simply "Compound of three cubes".
This puzzle combines two axis systems: The face turning hexahedra (which allow 90�-turns) and the edge turning hexahedra (which allow 180�-turns). As all puzzles with the axis system of edge turning hexahedrons it jumbles.
There were other puzzles with this hybrid axis system. But this is the first one with two cuts for every throughgoing axis.
All external pieces are dyed according to the image of this solid in the english wikipedia. The second sample of this puzzle used white plastic for all pieces and stickers to achieve the same look.
Weight: 81.6 grams

In 2017 mass production of this puzzle started. It was named "Eitan's TriCube". They come as a 6 coloured-version and two different three-coloured versions.
In 2021 four additional 3-coloured-versions hit the market. See image 14.



Thank you to the following people for their assistance in helping collect the information on this page: Andreas Nortmann.


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