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A nine sided puzzle with 6 axes of rotation.

Ice-9 is a fully custom puzzle. It has six axes of rotation, one on each of the three large faces, and one on each of the vertices opposite the large faces. The face axes turn in 180 increments, while the vertex axes can turn in 90 increments.
The puzzle has 88105932596183040000 = 88.1*10^18 permutations if all pieces are considered distinguishable and their orientations visible.
Compared with the number available if the puzzle can be disassembled and reassembled there are these restrictions:
-Odd permutations of tips are only possible if the flexed piece have an odd orientation and the triangles an odd permutations
-Odd orientations of tips are only possible if permutations of edges and of triangles are odd too.
Stickered as shown here the puzzle has 22026483149045760000 = 22.0 *10^18 permutations.
Width: 98 mm
Height: 85 mm
Depth: 63 mm
Weight: 75.6 grams

In 2017 Jason Gavril presented his own bigger version, seen in image 5.
Height: 165 mm
Length: 193 mm
Depth: 122 mm
Weight: 392.5 grams

In the same year, Jason Gavril also presented a smaller version, seen in image 6.
Width: 64 mm
Height: 58 mm
Depth: 42 mm
Weight: 30.7 grams



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