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World's first rotational-gravity puzzles based on an icosahedron structure.

This puzzle is based on the Cubedron Classic puzzle concept, but instead of a cube, an icosahedron is being used.. The puzzle consists of a clear sphere with nineteen black pyramids inside, which form an icosahedron with one pyramid missing. The puzzle is solved when the colours at the base of each corner of a pyramid match the colour at the base of the corners of the pyramids adjacent to it. There are four colours (red, yellow, blue, green) and many solutions.

To flip a pyramid, ensure the empty space is always at the top, then move one pyramid towards the empty space, and so on. This type of movement is a natural movement, when one pyramid rotates with respect to the center of the sphere, while the position of the other pyramids is invariant.

A combination of systematic approaches is required to find one of the solutions. There are some interesting mathematical problems involving temporarily exchanging positions and rotations. Since the base is triangular, this puzzle does not have any parity issues (found in the Cubedron), but new problems arise, such as ensuring there is a balance in the way the colours are distributed. The solving task involves mathematical thinking as well as balancing skills.

There have been many prototype versions of the Krystalledron (white pyramids, clear pyramids, etc), but none of them have been mass produced yet.
The version with white pyramids attended the design competition during IPP29 in 2009.



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