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V-Cube 5 Mechanism
Above:Build-up of the second layer center corner pieces
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Dissection of the V-Cube 5.

The V-Cube 5 is the clear winner in terms of build and design quality among 5x5x5 cubes. Upon taking the cube apart it is immediately apparent that the cube is solidly put together and is extremely stable. The design revolves around a core with arms made of three pieces simulating an edge on a regular 3x3 cube. On these arms are wings that line up with the core and make a track for pieces to spin on in the x, y, and z axes. The wing edges, center edges and center corners all rely on these tracks to remain in line.

Another peculiar thing about this puzzle is the shaping of the corners. There are bumps that cause the layers to faintly snap as they move along. This helps to keep the puzzle in line but, not being as pronounced and forceful as the V-Cube 6, do not run the risk of distracting the puzzler during a solve. The original V-Cube 5s did not have this feature and it is unknown precisely when it was added. However, both black and white versions of the V-Cube 5 now have the same bumpy corners.



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