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Enigma - Microsoft Office
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This version was created to promote the Microsoft Office System Launch "A Great Moment At Work" on October 21, 2003.

The Enigma puzzle has three separate layers - two outer layers with finger grips, and the central layer with teeth. The layers rotate independently, and scramble the inner circles that bear the logo. This puzzle is shown with a clip which holds the layers in place before scrambling. This particular design was given away as "swag" at the launch party for some obscure software company's latest version of a rarely used product.
The English instructions read: (1) First place Enigma on the palm of your right hand. (2) With your left thumb and forefinger turn the top wheel, while preventing the middle wheel from turning using your right thumb. (3) to turn the middle wheel use your left thumb and forefinger, while preventing the top wheel form [sic] turning using your right thumb. (4) Turn the bottom wheel with your right thumb and forefinger, preventing the middle and top wheel from turning using your left thumb and forefinger.
Height: 22 mm
Diameter: 80 mm
Weight: 44 grams



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