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1x3x3Years before the Floppy Cube bandaging a 3x3x3 was the best way to create this easy puzzle, perfect for newcomers.
2x2x2 Magic Puzzle KeychainA miniature key chain version of East Sheen's 2x2x2 puzzle.
2x2x6 (regular cubies)The 2x2x6 made by Tony Fisher is the second one ever made and has hexahedral cubies.

2x3x4 (shape-changing)Yet another Tony Fisher masterpiece. The first fully functional irregular cuboid ever.
4x4x5A Tony Fisher custom puzzle. 68 pieces were modified to make this puzzle.
AquamouseA computer mouse with Rubiks logo and two small cubes floating in a liquid filled chamber.

Babylon Cube IA 3x3x3 with many additional cubies glued upon the faces.
Babylon Cube IIA 3x3x3 with four corners truncated into almost nothing and many additional cubies glued upon the cubies.
Bandaged Megaminx (12 colours)A megaminx bandaged to resemble the pattern of Mefferts bandaged cube.

Brainstring OriginalTwelve elastic strings are moved around within a transparent cube.
Can with dotsA 2x2x2 puzzle in the shape of a can based on the K-ball mechanism
Chess Super Master MagicThis 16-panel magic puzzle is solved when you create a check mate position.

Confused UfoA 3x3x3 truncated in different ways.
Crazee Brain (aka K-Brain)Brain figure- based on K-ball mechanism
CrossteaserRotate color wheels into the open space to move.

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