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211x211x4A bandaged 4x4x4 variation that defies naming conventions.
2x2x3 (aka Slim Tower)A formerly custom now mass produced 2x2x3 cuboid, commonly known as the "Slim Tower"
AstrolabacusA unique ball puzzle. Sold in small quantities online.

Baby Animals Key Chain CubeThis cube features cartoon-like images of various baby animals.
Bart Simpson Head 2A 2x2x2 puzzle in the shape of Bart Simpson's head.
ComGenex Cube Combinatorial chemsitry training tool and promotional item

Create a Double CubeA brilliantly customized Master Magic by Tim Browne.
Dude, Where's My CarThis cube is promoting the VHS/DVD release of the movie.
Halloween Key ChainThis key chain cube has a Halloween theme.

HamsterProduced under license from Seven Towns. Comes in Japanese packaging.
Harry PotterLarger than the average 2x2x2.
Harry Potter MagicRubiks Magic with Harry Potter depicted during a game of Quidditch.

Hello Kitty Cylinder PuzzleThis 6x4 puzzle features images of Hello Kitty on each tile
Hexagonal 10 PuzzleA hexagonal version of the classic "15" puzzle.
Homer Simpson HeadA 2x2x2 puzzle in the shape of Homer Simpson's head.

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