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3x3x5 IThe first fully functional 3x3x5.
3x3x5 IIVersion from a 5x5x5.
Atomic Chaos (aka Kaos, aka Brain Drain)Scramble the beads from tubes of different lengths, then try to restore them to their proper homes.

Chi Gung Massage BallAn elusive puzzle dating back from the times of the original puzzle craze.
Cilindro EnigmaticoSix layers in six columns. Unlike other puzzles of this type the four middle laysers are fused.
Cindarella Match BallCindarella Match Ball
Skewb based Sphere puzzle from the 80s.

Columbus TojāsA puzzle in the line of the Space Massager or the Leesho.
Crystal Cube - Small MeteorA 3x3x3 cube with dramatically shaved down corners and center cubie attachments.
DoppelkreisA derivate of the hungarian rings with less marbles in only two colours. It resembles the original patent from 1893!

Golovolomka SharA rhombicuboctahedron made in Aksai Rostov region in the 1980s.
Golovolomka-8A derivate of the Hungarian Rings from the soviet era.
GrenadeLooks like a Space Massager with three layers and black body.

LuminationsFour vertices with three lights each. These can be switched by rotation the whole puzzle. These changed are used to play a number of different games.
Mach Ball - EconomixMach Ball with an hungarian advertisement
Mach Ball - FlagMach Ball with flags of several european states.

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