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Arancia MeccanicaA moving bead puzzle with seven colours of beads, and a base that resembles an orange.
Brianskie KoltsaAnother derivative of the hungarian rings produced in the USSR.

Chertova Bochka (aka Devil's barrel)A soviet-made version of the ten billion barrel.
Der Ungarische Zauberwürfel (east germany)A German solution book for the 3x3x3.

Dino Cube (paper prototype)The most basic corner turning hexahedron. The earliest known version, made from paper.
Festival PyraminxA soviet version of the Pyraminx with the logo of the "World Festival of Youth and Students"
Flower PuzzleSomething halfway between tetraminx and "pyraminx with hexagons"

Gewinnen - Strategien für mathematische SpieleOne article of 9 pages: "Der ungarische Würfel - Büvös Kocka"
Hungarian Globe (english versions II)Sliding-tile puzzle without gaps. Made in Hungary, originally.
International Festival of youth and studentsOne of several items for the International Festival of youth and students in Moscow 1985.

Kosmicheski OrbityTwo intersecting rings of marbles but with four junctions at which the pieces can change between the rings.
KristallThe Tetraminx produced in Alma-Ata during the soviet era.
Kristall (Ivano-Frankivsk)The Tetraminx produced in Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine) during the soviet era.

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