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10-CylinderA puzzle in the tradition of Trikki-4 but with 10 layers.
3x3x3 Pin IIA pin which shows a solved 3x3x3. From the originhal cube craze.
4x4 (Juegos De Bolsillo)Geyper version of Rack 'Em Up.

4x4x4 Cube for the BlindThis version for the blind was created by adding tacks of different sizes.
4x4x4 MechanismThe 4x4x4s from the cube craze.
5x5x5 MechanismThe mechanism by Udo Krell.

666 silly schemes to scramble the Magic SnakeThe only Magic Snake book to tickle the funny bone while teasing the brain.
A vse-taki - kak ego ssobratjOne edition of a mathematical journal

Asterix 2x2x2A 2x2x2 depicting comic characters from the french series "Asterix".

Camel Cigarettes CubeA nice promotional item for a no-longe-so-nice product.
Chuck E Cheese CubeA cube advertising for the fast food chain.

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