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Six-Sided: Other
2x2x2 Diametric HexahedronAn asymmetric trigonal dipyramid with a 2x2x2 as the core.
2x2x2 Triangular DipyramidA 2x2x2 in the namegiving shape.
4x4x4 Diametric HexahedronAn asymmetric trigonal dipyramid with a 4x4x4 as the core.

5x5x5 Diametric HexahedronAn asymmetric trigonal dipyramid with a 5x5x5 as the core.
9x9x9 Diametric HexahedronA 9x9x9 with 3D-printed extensions in the shape of a triagonal dipyramid with different heights.
Almost-a-CubeFour axes in an axis system close to a 5x5x5 and like a higher order version of Fenzed Cube.

Bermuda 3.5A solid with six sides of which three are twistable.
BiaxeVertex-turning irregular triangular dipyramid with 2 turning axes.
Bitruncated MastermorphixA cross between Mastermorphix and Trajber's Octahedron.

Bitruncated Tetrahedron Crazy 2x2x2A piece swap, more precisely a cross between "2x2x2 Transform pyraminx BaMianTi" and "2x2x2 Transform pyraminx ShuangZiTa"
Bubble BlockA puzzle with six sides and four axes. So far impossible to classify.
Bump pentagonal pyramid 3x3x3A 3x3x3 in shape of a pentagonal pyramid with a skewed axis system.

Constellation SixVertex-turning triangular dipyramid.
Corner Truncated 3x3x3 Extended 000 011 101A 3x3x3 truncated on three corners and extended on three sides. The result is an assymmetrical triangular dipyramid.
Curve InsanityAn unbandaged variant of "Edge of insanity".

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