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Other Puzzles: Folding
10-tile magic/master magicTen tiles with four rings.
1x2 MagicNot a real puzzle but a piece to train stringing custom made magics.
2x3 Cube MagicA 2x3 magic depicting a solved and a scrambled 3x3x3.

2x3 Magic DiceA 2x3 which tells you the difference between a die and a cube.
4 Tile Magic - Pope in TrausdorfA Rubiks Magic with four tiles commemorating the visit of pope John Paul II in Trausdorf, Austria in 1988.
40-tiles MagicA handmade Rubiks Magic of amazing size. No of its two solutions have the rectangular pattern.

6 Tile Create the CubeA custom made magic with 6 tiles which implements the "Create the Cube"-theme known for a 8- and a 12-tiles Magic.
6-tile magicSix tiles with two rings.
6-Tile Magic French playing cardA magic with 6 tiles depicting two playing cards (Queen and Jack of Hearts with unusual images) from the french deck.

Advertisement Roundy (three colours)Roundies advertising the late Kodak image printing service or T-D1. The texts are written in german.
Bart Simpson 2x2 magicA Simpson-based magic with 4 tiles.
BETCHA CAN'T! Flexible HexagonSimilar to Rubik's Magic, but with hexagon shaped tiles.

Bram's HexicThe next level of Bram's Magic: Six balls but this times also six moves per sphere instead of four.
Bram's MagicSix ball connected in a loop. The moves defy everything you might know from twistypuzzles.
Bram's Magic 7 BallA customly elongated version of Bram's Magic.

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