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Bram's MagicSix ball connected in a loop. The moves defy everything you might know from twistypuzzles.
Flip-SideTen tiles, one rotatable plane and two additional plungers.
MoonshineA two-dimensional, deeper-than-origin, shallower-than-corner doctrinaire twisty puzzle. Or two intersecting circles with 2-fold or 5-fold rotation.

Rubik's CageA 3D-version of TicTacToe based on a Rubik's Cube scheme.
Rubik's CaptureA 14x14 grid of coloured squares among which 2-4 players have to find certain patterns.
Rubik's Cube (Thinkfun)The new version from Thinkfun.

Rubik's Cube KeychainThe new version from Thinkfun.
Rubik's MasterThe new version from Thinkfun.
Rubik's MiniThe new version from Thinkfun.

Rubik's Roll27 coloured dice in a collection of 5 non-solitaire games.
Rubik's Slide (moving hole)A new version of Peter's Black Hole, this time under the Rubik brand.

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