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Winning Moves
Disney Rubik's CubeEach side has a different colour and character plus their signature.
Euro CubeLarger 2x2x2 puzzle with Euro note stickers.
Homer Simpson HeadA 2x2x2 puzzle in the shape of Homer Simpson's head.

Instant Insanity IIAn upgraded version of "Instant Insanity" with a new challenge.
Rubik's 40th Anniversary MetallicAnother cube celebrating the 40th anniversary of the presentation of Rubik's Cube. This one uses metallic stickers.
Rubik's Brain Racker (aka Rubik's Delta Ball)Looks like an Impossiball but is a moving hole puzzle which allows the pieces to change their orientation.

Rubik's Build It Solve ItA do-it-yourself kit from the official producer of Rubik's Cube.
Rubik's Cube (Winning Moves - ITC replica)Another 3x3x3 sold in a packaging resembling those from the original cube craze.
Rubik's Cube (Winning Moves)2005-version by Winning Moves.

Rubik's Tac ToeA non-solitaire game based on TicTacToe.
Rubik's Triamid (2020)A renewed version of the classical cube craze puzzle.
Rubik's UFOAn attractive little puzzle, possibly related to the legendary Rubik's Cheeze.

Rubik's UFO (transparent green)The version with transparent green body.
Rubik's World IIA spherical 2x2x2 showing a world map.
Simpsons MagicA day at the beach with the Simpsons.

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