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Moving Hole (3D pieces)
2x2x4 Sliding BlockA sliding block puzzle with an unusual size.
4x4x4 Sokoban Game CubePeter's Black Hole remade in larger size.
Black HoleA sliding block puzzle with three differently coloured cubies.

Blind Varikon Box'sA puzzle with the mechanism of the Varikon 2x2x2 but the goal of Rubiks Dice.
BloxboxA puzzle equivalent to Varikon 2x2x2 but produced way before the cube craze.
Bloxbox (by Piet Hein)An earlier version of the Varikon 2x2x2, signed by the first inventor.

Caged InAnother variant of Peter's Black hole.
Challenge Cube FourThe little brother of Challenge Cube Nine from the same company. It depicts six different fruits.
Challenge Cube NineSliding block puzzle with playing card suits.

Challenge LimitA blue variant of Vadasz Kocka, aka Peters Black Hole.
Clark's CubeA new twist to the sliding blocks theme.
Equal-7A sliding blocks 2x2x2 with four challenges

Four DigitsSeven pieces plus a gap form the digits 1-4. Unlike other varikon-like puzzles the pieces can be rotated.
Graffiti Magic CubeA remade version of Peter's Black Hole, produced in three different colours.
Hasseröder Magic JackA version of Magic Jack advertising for brand of german beer.

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