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Intersecting plungers and circles
ChileTwo intersecting plungers and one circle intersecting with each.
Colors CrossTwo plungers and one rotation used to move nine pieces.
ForamenCombines two intersecting circles with one plunger.

Go RoundTen pieces on two parallel plungers plus one big circle.
HarlequinThree differently sized intersecting plungers plus one rotating circle.
ItaliaTwo rotating circles and one plunger make up the italian flag.

KaleidoscopeA moveable plunger intersecting with a rotating circle.
Quadro 3An redesigned and improved version of Slide Rule Duel.
RootingerTwo intersecting circles combined with a plunger.

Rotating pillsOne rotating circle and one plunger rotate and move several pieces that look like pills.
Slice RuleThree plungers and one circle intersect and make 15 pieces move around.
Slide Rule DuelA puzzle with two or three circles and a plunger which can exchange pieces between the circles.

SuncrossOne plunger and one rotating circle. A custom made puzzle.
Weird Disk 3xInfinityOne 3-fold rotation and one sliding motion that is infinitly long in theory.
Weird Disk 4xInfinityOne fourfold rotation and one sliding motion that is infinitly long in theory.

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