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Constraints without bandaging
15-cubeFrom the outside it is a normal 3x3x3. On the inside it sports a novel concept of bandaging.
180 CubeThis 3x3x3 allows only halfturns for one axis. Another puzzle deemed impossible before.
4D Time CubeA 3x3x3 with restricted movements. It is equivalent to the Constrained Cube but implements the restrictions totally different.

Alternating Asynchronous Antislice Face Turning OctahedronA FTO which enforces heavy restrictions on the puzzle.
Alternating CubeA 2x2x2 which allows only clockwise and counterclockwise turn alternatingly.
Alternating SkewbA Skewb which allows only clockwise and anti-clockwise turns in alternating order.

Animal Cube (Wolf, Goat, Cabbage)A 3x3x3 with a new concept of bandaging. Pieces are not bonded to each other but specific positions are forbidden.
Bandaged by rope CubeThree corners of a 3x3x3 connected with a rope and a ring in between.
Bi-Linked Cube (and Plus)A third successor of the first Linked Cubes with with two lines, in two variants one line remains incomplete.

Bridge CubeA bandaged cube with a lot of possibilities which go beyond the classics.
Button Cube 12 V1The successor of the first button cube with twice the number of buttons.
Button Cube 12 V2Two versions with twelve buttons but only 8 crescents instead of 12.

Button Cube 6 V1A 3x3x3 with a new concept of bandaging.
Button Cube 6 V2The successor of the first button cube with the same number of buttons but placed differently.
Button Cube 8Another variant of the button cube with eight buttons and as many crescents.

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