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Void Cube
1/0 VoidA Void Cube with four pieces cut away.
2x2x2 Void Makarov tributeCombination of the mechanisms of Sergey Makarov's Mixup 3x3x3 with a 2x2x2 void cube.
Cornerless Void CubeA Void Cube reduced even further.

Cubic Void 2x3x3A Void Cube with one layer hidden.
Cubic void bump cube (mirror blocks)A Bump cube (aka mirror blocks) made from a void cube.
D'cubex 11 (Void Nightx)Another version of the Nightx (see the inventor's 6th creation) this time from a Void Cube.

Dual fold Floppy CubeA custom modification of a genuine Void Cube. Reduced to two sides instead of six.
Edges Only Void CubeA Void Cube with hidden corners.
Flipped 3x3x3The puzzle is a regular 3x3x3 with stickers on the inside of the puzzle and the overall shape of a sphere.

Half CubeViewed from one corner it is an ordinary 3x3x3 but from the opposite it is revealed that it is a 3D-printed halved void cube.
Hyperoid CubeA mini Void Octahedron in a big Void Cube.
Hyperoid Cube PlusThe Hyperoid puzzle with additional connections between the outer and inner puzzle.

Kepler CubeAnother great puzzle by Katsuhiko Okamoto who relies heavily on his famous void cube.
Linking VoidTwo modified Void Cubes fused into one puzzle.
Linking Void IIThe 2012-version of the Linking Void.

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