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Jumbling only axis system (face turning triangular dipyramid)
Banshee CubeA ghosted version of the cubic Meteor Madness.
Cubic Meteor MadnessA shape variant of Oskar van Deventer's Meteor Madness, one of the first jumbling only puzzles.
Curve InsanityAn unbandaged variant of "Edge of insanity".

Curvy Jumble PrismA variant of the Jumble Prism puzzle with curved cuts.
Curvy Jumble Prism PlusAn unbandaged variant of the previous Curvy Jumble Prism Puzzle from the same author.
Curvy Shallow Jumble PrismA shallow cut version of the Curvy Jumble Prism.

Deeper MadnessA deeper cut version of More Madness (which itself is a deeper cut cousin of Meteor Madness). A jumbling-only puzzle.
Diamond ShardAnother face turning associahedron with seven piece types in a different cut pattern.
Edge of InsanityA jumbling-only puzzle based on the triangular dipyramid geometry.

Edge of insanity TallEdge of Insanity redesigned to create a taller puzzle.
Gemstone IA jumbling only axis system that seems to be a face turning hexagonal dipyramid.
HeliPrism 6 BallA six axes edge turning triangular prism.

HeliPrism 6 CurvyAn edge turning trigonal dipyramid with curvy cuts.
Herschel enneahedron CubeA jumble prism transformed into the shape of the name giving solid.
Hex Prism in cubeA shape variant of the insanity cube.

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