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Rings of pieces (2D + rotation)
BoobyA korean clone of the Top Spin.
Dual LoopsTwo intersecting rings with one or two independent rings depending on the circle in the middle.
Duplex 3Two circles of marbles that would not intersect if it weren't for the twist of the Duplex puzzles.

Five CirclesFive separated circles with 17 marbles each. Connected by two giant concentric circle.
FlowerBring the marbles back to the circle of their colour.
Infinity LoopA continous loop of 34 marbles, intersecting but split at the same time.

Inside Track 1Four intersecting circles plus one ring of marbles.
Inside Track 2Four intersecting circles plus one ring of marbles movable in more than one configuration.
Inside Track PinwheelSeven rotating circles and one ring of moving marbles.

Möbius LoopOne (!) ring of marbles plus one rotation.
One At A TimeTwo intersecting rings with three non-intersecting circles connected by gears.
One Circle - Two Circles24 marbles in 6 colors which can be moved in either one closed loop or twi distinct circles.

Plectrum DuplexThree circles with six tiles. Duplicated on two sides with one special move to exchange between the two sides.
Puzzle ToyThe Flower implemented twice and with a ring instead of a circle.
Romanian Top Spin cloneA rumanian derivate of Top Spin with 17 marbles.

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