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Rubik's Magic (> 8 tiles)
10-tile magic/master magicTen tiles with four rings.
40-tiles MagicA handmade Rubiks Magic of amazing size. No of its two solutions have the rectangular pattern.
Chess Super Master MagicThis 16-panel magic puzzle is solved when you create a check mate position.

Colossal Master MagicA custom made Rubiks Magic with 32 tiles. Also known as "bat squad"
Create a Double CubeA brilliantly customized Master Magic by Tim Browne.
Crystal MagicA custom made 9-tiles-magics which uses stickers to illustrate its three solutions.

Di-CubeA custom Magic with 12 tiles and two solutions.
Escape from AtlantisOne sample of a magic-myth-puzzle which is a RubiksMagic with an odd number of tiles. This one has 9 tiles.
Grand Master MagicA custom made Rubiks Magic with 100 (!) tiles.

MagiQ-BertA custom Magic with 18 tiles. One solutions depicts a video game from the 1980s the other form th shape of three connected cubes.
Magic Fuzzy DiceA custom made Rubiks Magic with 16 tiles. Made to resemble the fuzzy dice some drivers put in the rear-mirrors.
Magic OctopusA 12-tile-magic with eight dangling tiles.

Magic Olympic Challenge (Gold)A 10-tiles-Magic which resembles Rubiks Maze.
Magic Olympic Challenge (Silver)A 9-tiles-Magic which resembles Rubiks Maze.
Magic StripA custommade Rubiks Magic with a closed loop and only a single side. This suceeds the Magic Line and has 24 tiles instead of 8.

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