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Dino Dodecahedron
BrilliminxA Dino Dodecahedron without faces (aka visible core).
CTDSphereA Dino dodecahedron in shape of a sphere.
Dino BarA dino dodecahedron truncated to only two remaining corners.

Dino DodecahedronThe easiest corner turning dodecahedron. The name is taken from its hexahedral cousin.
Dino Peanut MinxA custom printed Dino Dodecahedron with six edges sanded down.
Face turning icosahedronThe first known face turning icosahedron. The first version was made in 2003 completely made by hand and from scratch.

Flat StarpadThe flat or coreless verson of starpad.
JennaminxA corner turning dodecahedron designed to be the True Redi Dodecahedron.
Proper Dino DodecahedronAn edges only variant of the Dino Dodecahedron

RadiombicA Dino Dodecahedron in shape of a rhombic dodecahedron.
Rainbow cube dodecahedronA Dino dodecahedron redisgned into the shape of an icosidodecahedron, an archimedean solid.
RediminxA mass produced Dino dodecahedron with spherical cuts.

StarburstA face turning icosahedron in shape of "Compound of five octahedra".
StarpadA Dino dodecahedron more than cut in half. Five out of twenty axes remain.

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