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Rubik's Magic (< 8 tiles)
1x2 MagicNot a real puzzle but a piece to train stringing custom made magics.
2x3 Cube MagicA 2x3 magic depicting a solved and a scrambled 3x3x3.
2x3 Magic DiceA 2x3 which tells you the difference between a die and a cube.

4 Tile Magic - Pope in TrausdorfA Rubiks Magic with four tiles commemorating the visit of pope John Paul II in Trausdorf, Austria in 1988.
6 Tile Create the CubeA custom made magic with 6 tiles which implements the "Create the Cube"-theme known for a 8- and a 12-tiles Magic.
6-Tile Magic French playing cardA magic with 6 tiles depicting two playing cards (Queen and Jack of Hearts with unusual images) from the french deck.

6-tile magicSix tiles with two rings.
Bart Simpson 2x2 magicA Simpson-based magic with 4 tiles.
Büvös NégyzetekRubik's Magic with four tiles and a theme based on anthropomorphic mice.

EledoneA 5-tiles-Magic named after "Eledone Moschata"
Kellogg's Raisin Splitz Mini MagicThis comes in at least three different versions with the some front and different back sides.
Kitkat Mini MagicRubik's Magic with four tiles. One depicting chocolate bar kitkat.

Macross Mini MagicA custom Rubik's Magic showing the Macross/Robotech SDF-1.
Magic Craze (Magic Maze 2)A 6-tiles-Magic which resembles Rubiks Maze.
Magic Daze (Magic Maze 3)A 6-tiles-Magic which resembles Rubiks Maze but with diagonal patterns.

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