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Scramble Cube
3x3x0A 1x3x3 made even easier.
Fidget 1x3x3A super Floppy combined with a fidget spinner.
Floppy Cross 2An enhanced scramble cube with four additional pieces. Could be viewed as Scramble Cube +8.

Half Truncated Scramble Cube +8A Scramble Cube +4 with four additional cubies and subsequently truncated like one of the basic shape variants of the 3x3x3.
iCube 331A Scramble Cube stickered like an iPhone.
Rubik's EdgeAnother version of the Scramble Cube, marketed under the the official Rubik's brand.

Scramble (Super Floppy) CubeAn enhanced version of the Floppy Cube from the same inventor. A floppy cube where you can turn the faces 90 degrees.
Scramble Cube +4An enhanced scramble cube with four additional pieces.
Scramble Ghost Floppy CubeA scrambable version of the Ghost Cube 1x3x3 also viewable as a ghosted version of the Super Floppy Pentagonal 1x3x3.

Siamese Super FloppyTwo samples of the Super Floppy glued into one puzzle.
Super Floppy MegaminxThe concept of the Super Floppy transferred into a pentagonal version.

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