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Face turning octahedron
Axis OctahedronA face turning octahedron newly designed with the axis system rotated by 45 inside the solid.
Bandaged Truncated Face turning octahedronOne of the puzzles which explain their creation thorugh their name.
Corner(8)-Turning Rhombic DodecahedronA rhombic dodedahedron which twists around its 8 corners of 3rd degree.

DioctipoidA spherical puzzle designed from scratch that behaves like a corner turning hexahedron.
Dock OctA face turning octahedron that was so deeply truncated that only four sides can be turned.
DodoctahedronA face turning octahedron in shape of a dodecahedron. The cuts fit perfectly with the shape's edges.

Earth rhombic triacontahedronA rhombic triacontahedron turning on some corners with a sticker design of the earth globe.
Face Turning OctahedronThe first face turning octahedron with straight cuts.
FTO TetrahedronA face turning octahedron reoriented and transformed into the shape of a tetrahedron

Fused FTOsTwo face turning octahedrons fused so deeply at their corners that only four sides can be turned.
Ghost OctahedronThe immediate follow-up of the Axis octahedron. After axising a face turning octahedron he ghosted it.
IcoctahedronA face turning octahedron in shape of a non-regular icosahedron.

Icosahedral FTOA face turning octahedron truncated into the shape of an icosahedron.
Ivy KitesAn "ivy cut" trapezoidal icositetrahedron.
Mirror OctahedronA face turning octahedron transformed like a bump cube aka mirror cube.

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