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248 CubeA 8x8x8 bandaged similarly to the AI Cube.
4x4x8 IIA bandaged 8x8x8 with 3D printed extensions.
4x6x8 bump cuboidA 4x6x8 bump cuboid (mirror blocks) made with 3D printed extensions.

4x8x8A pillowed 4x8x8. Made by hand from a 8x8x8.
6x8x8A pillowed 6x8x8. Made by hand from a 8x8x8.
8x8x8 AI CubeTh concept of the AI Cube implemented with a 8x8x8 as base.

8x8x8 BallA 8x8x8 truncated into the shape of a sphere.
8x8x8 IcosahedronA 8x8x8 in shape of an icosahedron.
8x8x8 IllusionThe illusion cube with 8 layers.

8x8x8 Mirror BlocksA 8x8x8 modified like the Mirror Blocks (aka: Bump Cube).
8x8x8 Sphere8x8x8 in shape of a sphere
Ai Mirror 8x8x8An 8x8x8 implementing the concepts of the Bump Cube and the AI Cube.

Bump 248A 8x8x8 bumped and bandaged.
Chimera 4x4+8x8 2+A 8x8x8 bandaged to resemble the AI Cube.
Chimera GiantA 8x8x8 bandaged to resemble the AI Cube.

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