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2x2x6 AI cubeA bandaged 6x6x6, emulating the pattern of the SPHINX small HS 2x2+4x4.
321-Cube 6x6x6A bandaged 6x6x6 resembling a higher order "Special 2x2x2"
3x4x6 Brick WallA 6x6x6 bandaged into a 3x4x6 cuboid and five layers turned by 90 degree just like in the wall cube.

4x5x6 Floppy I-Cube ExtremeA bandaged 6x6x6 with three layers removed on two sides.
4x6x6 (Bandaged 6x6x6)A 6x6x6 truncated and bandaged to emulate a 4x6x6.
4x6x6 Super TabletA 6x6x6 bandaged, extended and restickered.

5x6x6The world first fully functional 5x6x6 cuboid.
5x6x6 I-CubeA 6x6x6 with one layer cut away.
66 mm 6x6x6 V-CubeA 6x6x6 V-Cube truncated a bit. A failed attempt to transform it into a perfectly proportioned 6x6x6.

6x6x6 BarrelA 6x6x6 truncated into the shape of a cylinder.
6x6x6 Bricks CubeThe logical successor of the Wall Cube.
6x6x6 center blockA 6x6x6 bandaged with one big block. A constrained variant that does not behave bandaged.

6x6x6 Flat StarA higher order version of the flat star.
6x6x6 Ghost cubeThe higher order brother of the Ghost Cube. Made from a 6x6x6.
6x6x6 Illusion StickerlessThe illusion cube with 6 layers. Made from two mass produced samples.

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