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Karolis Kairys
3 DiamondsThree vertical plungers and one horizontal plunger with one tile in each of the three intersections.
BinocoolarThree circles in different sizes. The two big ones rotate connected by gears.
Blind Varikon Box'sA puzzle with the mechanism of the Varikon 2x2x2 but the goal of Rubiks Dice.

CapriciousSix circles that intersect at two different depths.
ChileTwo intersecting plungers and one circle intersecting with each.
CollideThree circles with 90-turns but in different sizes.

Domino (medium) 2x2x3A 2x2x3 which looks like a domino with one layer removed.
Dots (Crossover)A rebuilt Crossover puzzle with a custom scheme on the tiles.
Double Circle PuzzleFour circles with one tile in the intersection. Every turn rotates two circles at once.

Double LoticaA custom made Lotica enhanced by an additional circle.
Double Trouble (sliding)16 tiles moved by three plungers.
Dual716 tiles moved by two plungers. A custom made puzzle similar to Tri-Trick.

ELeVeN11 tiles moved by two plungers of different size.
Five by FiveA custom made larger version of Tsukuda Square
Four DigitsSeven pieces plus a gap form the digits 1-4. Unlike other varikon-like puzzles the pieces can be rotated.

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