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Ern? Rubik
25th anniversary cubePuzzle made for the 25th anniversary of the cube.
Good for speedcubing after lubricating.
25th anniversary cube (Kroeger)Another version commemorating the 25th birthday of Rubik's Cube. This one is from Kroeger Inc, produced fro the canadian market.
25th anniversary cube (Milton Bradley)Another version commemorating the 25th birthday of Rubik's Cube. THis one is from Milton Bradley (part of Hasbro).

2x2x2 Magic Eye CubeA 2x2x2 made out of three interconnecting rings. Another version of Rubik's Orbit.
A mi kockánkThe Puzzle of us all - hungarian edition

American CubeExactly like a standard Rubik's Cube, except the plastic is white. Claimes to have been made in USA.
Ball Key Chain (38 mm)A 38 mm 3x3x3 ball
B�v�s DominoSome package variants for the 2x3x3, all made out of cardboard.

BillionenwürfelA knockoff with german package.
Black Cube with round stickersA standard-sized black cube with round stickers.
Blank DominoA black & white Domino without any additional marks, stickers or anything else helping to distinguish the pieces.

Blind Man's DominoRaised dots allow this version to be solved by touch alone.
Christmas DominoA cheap taiwanese Domino with two christmas based motives on its two sides

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