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10 PuckA Puck puzzle with 10 sections and pieces orientation.
10 Puck Mirror BumpA bumped Puck with 10 segments.
20 PuckA Puck puzzle with 20 sections

2x2x2 Blind Cube3D-printed tiles glued onto a mass produced 2x2x2.
4x4x4 Mixup RevengeA 4x4x4 with a hole that allows a reduced set of pieces to move during a slice turn.
7x7x7 Hi-Vis CubeA sticker variant of a 7x7x7 implemented with just two colours.

Apresazide CubeA cube promoting a pharmaceutical company.
AreciboA two dimensional version of the Radiolarian 3 or a bandaged variant of the Sirius.
Bermuda 3.5A solid with six sides of which three are twistable.

Bermuda SkewbA shape variation of a "Bermuda ZongZi" or also known as "Bermuda Tetrahedron"
Bermuda ZongZiAlso called Bermuda Tetrahedron
Broken Window Cube (aka Windmill 2x2x2)For this puzzle a 2x2x2 was twisted inside its solid around one of the turning axes.

CalendulaThree circles intersecting each other like the Arusloky.
Calendula VFour circles intersecting each other like the Arusloky.
Capsule CubeAn elongated rhombicuboctahedron. Or a shape variant of the extended-only 3x3x5.

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