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Félix Nadin
15-cubeFrom the outside it is a normal 3x3x3. On the inside it sports a novel concept of bandaging.
ArlecubeA 3x3x3 with one additional deep cut edge turn.
ArleminxA hybrid puzzles which combines two seemingly incompatible puzzles.

Axis IllusionA cleverly restickered Axis Cube.
Bandaged Gear Octahedron UltimateA Gear Cube in shape of an octahedron bandaged like a Triamese Cube.
DémineurA 4x4x4 with a theme based on Minesweeper.

Flipped 3x3x3The puzzle is a regular 3x3x3 with stickers on the inside of the puzzle and the overall shape of a sphere.
Fractal 2x2x2A 2x2x2 in a 2x2x2 in a 2x2x2.
KantikubA puzzle combining the Mixup Cube with a crazy cube and an edge turning cube.

LinkubA cube bandaged by connecting three pairs of pieces with a rope.

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