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Aleksandr Ordynets
5R ballA member of the Globall family. In this case it form an almost perfect sphere.
Compy CubeA shallow cut Dino Cube
Dinosaur Rubik's Cube - Dinosaurs (aka Dino Cube)The simplest corner turning cube. It has four dinosaurs on each face which gave the puzzle its name.

DuominxThe cousin of the Impossible Dodecahedron but way smaller gaps and designed from scratch.
Festival PyraminxA soviet version of the Pyraminx with the logo of the "World Festival of Youth and Students"
Icosahedron MegaminxA Megaminx transformed into its dual solid shape.

Igra Piramidka (Tula)These brands of soviet Pyraminxes have tiles and one with a bas-relief "stamp" stating the price of 3 roubles.
KristallThe Tetraminx produced in Alma-Ata during the soviet era.
Kristall (Cheboksary)The Tetraminx produced in Cheboksary (Russia) during the soviet era.

Kristall (for the blind)A Tetraminx for the blind produced in the former soviet union, in Rovno, Ukraine.
Kristall (Ivano-Frankivsk)The Tetraminx produced in Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine) during the soviet era.
Kristals-MA tetraminx with soviet origin with a special spiky shape.

Master Moldavskaia PiramidkaThe first Master Pyraminx to exists. Produced in the former Soviet Union in very small numbers.
Moldavskaia Piramidka (Cheboksary)Tiled Pyraminx from the soviet union that came with a cone-like plastic dome or a plastic bag.
Moldavskaia Piramidka (Karachaevsk)Tiled Pyraminx from the soviet union with white body.

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