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Vladimir Yaroslavskiy
Another Double LoticaA custom made Lotica with one additional circle and only half turns for the outer circles.
Apple 1x2x2A kind of extensions puzzle which is simple to solve but difficult to keep in ones collection. May be the first puzzle with an eat-by date.
Checker Cube aka Chess Cube aka Checker BoardA black-and-white 4x4x4. Still not trivial to solve.

Closed Path CubeA variant of the 3x3x3-mazes but this time with differently orientated lines.
Compass 2DEight segments, one rotating circle and one moving hole.
Compass 3DA reduced Bolaris, reimplementing a 2D-puzzle from the same designer.

Corner Latch CubeThe concept of the Latch Cube adapted to corner pieces.
Corner isolated cubeA 3x3x3 bandaged with a plastic plane covering one side of a cube and truncated corner. It implements a new type of bandaging.
Cubic 3x3x4 IIA mass produced 3x3x4 truncated and rebuilt into the shape of a cube.

Dino Chop Cube (magnets)A hybrid puzzle which fuses 2x2x2, Little Chop and the Dino Cube into one puzzle. The pieces are "connected" with magnets to the internal steelball.
Double Cross PlusOne plunger and two rotations combined with intersecting pieces.
Double FiveThe Vertushka reimplemented with a more traditional mechanism.

Emblem FloppyThe successor of the heraldic Floppy. It shows the emblems of two russian cities.
Hedgehog CubeA new design (with magnets) for a puzzle first invented in 1985.
Isolated CubeA 3x3x3 bandaged with a plastic plane covering one side of a cube and four edges truncated. It implements a new type of bandaging.

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